Company/Establishment Status

Company Name Daemyung Co., Ltd.
Business Registration Number 122-81-89930
CEO Kim Guk Hwan
Main Products Pillar sink and draining board, kitchen accessories, wire shelf, bathroom products, laundry drying racks
Contact Information TEL. 1544-8939 / FAX. 032)555-0130
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Location HQ/Factory 1: 2 Seounsaneop-ro 50beon-gil, (Seoun-dong) Gyeyang-gu, Incheon Metropolitan City
Size (HQ) Three-story Land Area 1,380 m2   Total Floor Area 486 m2   Building Area 278 m2

Facility status and monthly production capacity (Factory 1).

Type System Name Monthly
Press POWER PRESS 1) Sink Shelf Style
20,000 Monthly2) Clothes drying rack
10,000 monthly3) Bathroom Shelf
15,000 monthly4) Storage Cart
10,000 monthly

* Type
• Finished goods
• Popular items
• Single-product production

Welding Equipment

SPOT Welder
BUT Welder
ARC Weler
CO2, Argon Welder, etc.
Cutting Equipment CUTTING M/C
Milling Equipment Milling Equipment
Plastic Disc Sander Plastic Disc Sander
Other Bending Equipment
Straightening Equipment
Compressor, etc.
Pipe Bending Equipment